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To ensure that you have a financially independent, comfortable life after retirement, it is critical to take charge of your finances and have a clear savings strategy in place. The number of people running an SMSF is increasing year on year and this clearly shows that Australians are fully aware of the importance of timely planning for a secure retired life.

We can help you set up your SMSF and manage it with professional expertise so that your exposure to risk is minimised and your yield potential maximised. Our expert team will take care of the administrative tasks pertaining to your SMSF, offer timely investment advice, carry out online reporting and tracking so that you know the status of your SMSF at any time. Take complete control of your SMSF and you are in control of your future. Talk to us today to know about our SMSF related services.

Individual / Corporate Trustee

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As part of our individual trustee services, we help individuals manage their wealth and transfer it to their dependants in a tax effective manner without unnecessary delays. We take our responsibility as the guarding of the family’s interest very seriously and we do everything within our power to ensure that the trust is protected and nurtured in the right way so that it becomes a valuable legacy left behind by an individual. We also address trust administration and financial management for aged individuals as part of our services.

As corporate trustees, we hold trust over financial instruments or assets as representatives of our clients. In addition we address all the administrative tasks associated with such trusts and we also supervise the trust to safeguard the holdings.

Update to SMSF

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To ensure that you have a financially secure life after superannuation, establishing and managing an SMSF effectively is the most preferred solution today. If you already have an SMSF set up, making sure that the fund complies with all the regulations year after year is very important. At AGC Advisory, we offer SMSF update service giving you a simple and effective way to keep the SMSF governing rules in line with requirements. By keeping track of new governing rules updated annually and executing them efficiently, we ensure that your SMSF is fully compliant with prevailing rules at all times. This offers maximum flexibility with this fund and allows you to leverage its advantages to the maximum.

SMSF Investment Strategy

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SMSFs allow you to have substantial control over your investments and help you create a fund that you can fall back on after your superannuation. These are immensely popular investment methods because they allow trustees to invest in a wide range of investment options and manage them with ease. Trustees bear the responsibility of preparing an effective investment strategy for the fund and they review it periodically and make necessary changes to ensure that maximum yields can consistently be achieved with minimum risk. In addition, the fund’s liquidity position, diversification levels and compliance with the sole purpose test- these are all factors that the trustee should pay attention to.

At AGC Advisory, we eliminate the complexities associated with SMSFs by offering you a solution to manage these tasks quickly, effortlessly. Providing a range of investment options to suit various investment strategies and risk appetites, we ensure that you have options that suit the level of involvement you have with your SMSF.

SMSF Change of Trustee

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There are situations where it becomes necessary to change the trustee of the SMSF. In such situations, it is important to follow the official procedure that is laid out so that the fund can continue to run in full compliance with prevailing law. At AGC Advisory, our expertise and experience with all aspects of setting up and managing superannuation funds gives us the in- depth knowledge of processes involved in trustee changes as well.

We give you the guidance you need in this respect familiarising you with the formalities you need to carry out, for example, we will intimate you well in advance that both the outgoing and new trustee are required to give their written consent on the deed of amendment using an originally certified copy of the document. We assist you with these actual processes so that the changeover can be within the minimum possible time without any disruption to services.

SMSF Minutes & Resolutions Package

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The Minutes and Resolutions of your SMSF are critical elements that help keep administrative complexities at bay with your superannuation fund. Tracking these Minutes & Resolutions enables you to ensure that all necessary actions are being carried out with the fund at the right time and in the right way. Maintaining these critical elements becomes easy when you opt for our SMSF Minutes & Resolution package. Including in our package is GST for your SMSF’s first Resolution or Minute and you can enjoy unlimited use for the duration of the package. Keep records with ease and efficiency with AGC Advisory’s Minutes & Resolution package.

SMSF borrowing (bank)

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Take complete control of your SMSF and use the funds optimally to invest in property. You can borrow funds from banks using your SMSF to buy investment property or you can refinance an SMSF loan you already have by taking a bank loan. At AGC Advisory, our team will advise you on the many ways in which you can use a SMSF based bank loan to make further investments. We will also help you complete the loan application process and support you until the loan funds are credited into your account. Talk to us now to know when SMSF bank loans are ideal for you and how you should go about getting the loan approved and credited to your account.

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