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For enduring business success, it is important to organize the assets, investments and debt facilities in the right way. With AGC Advisory partnering with you, you have experts on call who can advise you on the appropriate strategies to employ in this respect. Our experience in this arena gives us an in- depth understanding of various ways in which business ownership structure can impact your bottom line, your business’s agility and its ability to quickly respond to market changes.

Adopting the right business structure is a key decision that can impact your business right from day 1. It also wields significant influence over how you carry out your business transactions and day to day business activities. Your expansion plans, the flexibility you have in forging alliances and finalizing deals, the control you have over various aspects of the business- these are all key elements that hinge heavily on your business structure. Apart from this, the structure of your business also has a key role to play in your taxation status and the tax strategies you can deploy to minimize your tax bills. These are some of the most significant reasons why you need expert advice in determining your business structure and understanding its implications.

Our team of experts has the credentials and the experience to give you advice about how your business structure impacts your legal liability, the licensing requirements, and the degree of control you wield over your business operations and its assets and more. We are your most valuable allies when you are considering a change in business structure to facilitate expansion or change in ownership status through mergers or acquisitions. Call us today to partner with us and gain the immense advantage of having our experts guide you in this respect.

Due Diligence

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Appropriate corporate governance is not only critical to maintain compliance with prevailing law but also to ensure business success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Our Due diligence services ensure that your business decisions are all taken after the right kind of verifications and analyses have taken place. In the present day business landscape, there is substantial pressure being brought to bear on businesses to invest appropriate attention to diligence and this is the area where our services prove to be invaluable.

We bring to your business the advantage of having team of skilled, highly qualified and experienced experts who are well versed in the legal aspects of all business activities and transactions. Our team is fully qualified to advice and guide you in every respect and carry out all the evaluations and verifications that a comprehensive due diligence exercise encompasses. Whether it is regular business activities or mergers and acquisitions or any other aspect, we can give you an objective view of the merits and risks that you should expect to experience. This allows you to make judicious decisions in your business, mitigating your risk and maximizing your chances of success.

At AGC Advisory, we understand that the scope of a due diligence initiative may vary from business to business and from time to time. This is why we customize the scope of this exercise in line with your needs to cover all the primary aspects that are vital to your decision. This enables us to speed up our turnaround times, offering corporate advisory solutions to you in a timely manner so that you can make critical decisions quickly and with utmost agility. Talk to our team at AGC Advisory today to learn more about our due diligence exercises.

Purchase/Sale Business

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The decision to sell or acquire a business can be a very difficult one because it involves an emotional aspect along with financial and practical elements. This is why it is often a challenging task for the business owner or prospective purchaser to make a truly objective and appropriate decision in this respect. You can rely on AGC Advisory when you need expert advice and guidance in this respect. We have the qualified, skilled and highly experienced team of professionals who can objectively view various aspects with a balanced approach and give you the right guidance.

When it comes to the sale of your business, there are a number of factors to consider starting from the preparation of the business for sale, valuation, identifying the right purchasers, arriving at the right sale price, negotiations and addressing the tax implications of the sale. Our exposure to the marketplace, and our experience with similar transactions gives us a deep insight into all of these aspects enabling us to assist you in finalizing the most appropriate and lucrative sale transaction.

The business purchase process is equally complicated with operational, regulatory and financial aspects needing to be considered with care before the deal can be finalized. In addition, negotiations are a critical part of the business acquisition process that can dramatically impact your liquidity position and your profitability, both current and future.

Cash Flow Management

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As your business establishes itself in its niche industry, cash flow management becomes an increasingly critical component of your business plan. Accurate assessment of your income and strategic planning to outline the various avenues where this income can be invested these two activities need to be carried out in conjunction. Any compromise in the cash flow management area can impair your business’s agility very significantly and prevent you from making the best of the opportunities arising in the marketplace. Our expert team of professionals is fully equipped to give you the right guidance and advice in this respect so that you are aware of how every dollar flowing in and out of your business is being utilized.

We help you maximize returns from all your cash short term holdings, ensure that surplus cash is invested judiciously while making sure that you always have access to cash for both critical business activities and unexpected opportunities. Our team studies your business operations, understands your needs and gauges your future growth prospects to arrive at a cash flow management solution that is tailor made to your business profile. Our vast experience in this area gives us a clear understanding of how critical it is to maintain a balance between ready access to liquid cash and high yields from earned income.

Our cash flow management solutions help you keep risk at a minimum by investing your income in viable, risk free avenues while maintaining the appropriate degree of liquidity so that you can meet short term needs with ease. We help identify the regular cash based activities that can be automated, thus reducing your operational burden and eliminating the need for you to invest resources and time in overseeing these tasks. At the same time, we also make sure that your business conforms to all the legal requirements and has all the reporting and paperwork ready in place at any time. Call us to learn more about our world class cash flow management solutions.

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