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Book- keeping


Book- keeping is undoubtedly a key aspect of your accounting system and it is absolutely critical to have the experts carrying out this vital task. With AGC Advisory backing you, you have an experienced, highly qualified team handling your book- keeping. We can set up reporting systems that help you keep track of every aspect of your business at any time, we can streamline the book- keeping system so that all gaps are bridged and reliable reporting is facilitated so that you can base your key decisions on dependable financial data that is easily accessible.

Whether you need us to set up payroll management or help with tax calculations or want to integrate existing systems into automated programs, we are the right people to come to.

Designing scalable solutions that grow with your business and address its evolving needs is our forte at AGC Advisory.

Our team has extensive expertise in all areas of accounting and book-keeping and have the skills to give you highly flexible solutions that are tailor made to your business profile and your specific requirements. With us supporting your business, you can eliminate the need to invest valuable hours in organizing accounting records, demystifying payment and receipt transactions and recording them in the manner that is required by law.

By maintaining your financial records effectively and efficiently we make sure you always have access to critical accounting data that can make a difference to your business’ adaptability to market conditions. Let us support your growth in the marketplace. Sign up for our word class book- keeping services today.



Payroll management can quickly escalate into a full time job that requires substantial investment of time and effort especially in a growing business. To add to the complexity of this task, there is absolutely no room for error here nor delays since these adversely affect employee morale. Leaving this time consuming task to the experts is a savvy decision for any business owner who understands the true value of his team in driving his business forward to the forefront of the marketplace.

There are several ways in which our services can elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your existing payroll mechanisms. To begin with, we take over the complicated and challenging task of keeping track of week to week payroll calculation for all your employees, factoring in time- offs, bonuses and overtime. At the same time, we also keep ourselves updated with changes in payroll tax regulations so that the currently applicable rules are implemented.

Retirement savings plans present another area of complexity in payroll calculations and calculating these and making necessary disbursements and deductions is also an integral part of our payroll management services.

We simplify the processes for you, eliminating hours of work by leaving you with just the simple task of entering weekly hours worked for each employee. Our world class payroll management systems take care of everything else efficiently and reliably.

The automated tax form filling and tax payment features allow us to maintain 100% accuracy and timeliness with the payroll management system. Whether you need payroll data transferred from previous employers, funds transferred to third parties towards retirement plans or federal, state and local taxes filed, we take care of all these aspects to give you a seamless, efficient payroll management system. Call us now to know more.

BAS/ IAS Preparation


Preparation of Business Activity Statements (BAS) on a monthly or quarterly basis and Installment Activity Statements (IAS) statements is a critical element of an efficient accounting system for any business. Typically, these routine activities consume immense time and effort that you, the business owner, can better invest in taking your business to the next level. If you are spending hours at your desk preparing these statements in line with the regulatory requirements, then it is time to call in our team of experts to take over these tasks for you. Our team of qualified, experienced accounting professionals has the skills to compile these statements efficiently with 100% accuracy in time and in line with prevailing compliance obligations.

When your BAS/ IAS statements are being prepared by our expert team, you know that they are ready for lodgment or for review by your tax accountant, as and when they are required well within deadlines. We also lodgment services with the ATO if you require it. Backed by our years of experience in this field and our commitment to giving you reliable, dependable accounting services, we keep ourselves updated with what is happening within the regulatory framework so that we can incorporate the latest amendments when we are preparing your BAS/ IAS statements.

Tax compliance no longer needs to be an anxiety filled, effort intensive task when you have a knowledgeable team from AGC Advisory working behind the screen for your business. We have the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) registered professionals to take over your BAS/ IAS preparation fully and deliver the accurately completed statements to you in time, every time.

Financial Statement Preparation


As specialists in financial statement preparation backed by an expert team of highly qualified professionals, we can become a truly valuable asset to your business. With us supporting your accounting needs and financial reporting needs, you can eliminate all anxiety about accuracy of data that is included in statements.

Our expert team keeps updated with changes in the regulatory framework as well as additions and modifications to accounting requirements. This helps us align your financial statement in line with the prevailing law so that your business is always in compliance.

New standards as well as amendments are brought out with great frequency by the AASB and he IASB and these can significantly change the presentation of the financial statements, inclusions that are permitted as well as accompanying disclosures. It is an impossible task for business owners to invest time and attention in keeping track of each and every change of this kind and learning how to implement it. These are the challenging tasks that we take over when we are in charge of preparing your financial statements. We guarantee that our financial reports fully incorporate the various requirements encompassed in the IFRS, AASB, ASX and Corporations Act 2001.

Our team will work with your auditors, providing audit trails and integrating their guidelines into the statement preparation so that the auditing process can be done seamlessly, within the minimum possible time without need for revisions or modifications. Overall, the efficiency of the entire financial statement preparation process is considerably enhanced when you have our experts working for you. Learn more about the many benefits you can gain by hiring us. Call us today.

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